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Following a year, things began working out for me. I began naming for serials and advertisements. I made a shoddy portfolio and flowed it. That got me my first print promotion, it was for a toothpaste in Gujarat. I learnt amid that time that I had a pleasant grin, so I would make it a point to grin at any rate once in my tryouts! I began packing more advertisements. I did one for KFC.


I am a vegan yet I said I was a non-veggie lover amid the tryouts. I ate chicken without precedent for my life amid the shooting of that advertisement and needed to take a great deal of nibbles to take care of business. At the point when my mom saw the advertisement, she was stunned. Be that as it may, I lied and advised her it was a rotisserie cabbage burger. The promotion turned into an immense hit and work began coming my direction.


I got the chance to do a Cadbury’s advertisement with Amitabh Bachchan and instantly called my folks when I learnt about it! I have done an advertisement with Mahendra Singh Dhoni. I did a promotion which was coordinated by Priyadarshan. After the shoot, he let me know that his office would call me for a film. I had been in Mumbai for a long time by then and was 19 years of age. Priyadarshan’s office called to let me know they were doing Poi Solla Porom, the Tamil redo of Khosla Ka Ghosla. At the point when Priyardarshan inquired as to whether I knew Tamil, I lied and said yes. Tamil Actress hot photos

I did a tryout in Hindi and English and got the part. After ten days, the film’s shooting began in Chennai and I got my exchanges in Tamil. I some way or another oversaw through the principal day at the same time, the following day, I called Priyadarshan and began crying on the telephone. He let me know that he knew I didn’t know Tamil and was sitting tight for this telephone call! However, he was pleased that I figured out how to pull through no less than one day.